AirNova-office-drawing-croppedAn intense focus on air pollution emission services allows AirNova to provide clients with the highest level of technical expertise when confronted with environmental compliance and air pollution control issues. Services include isokinetic stationary source sampling for particulate, acid gases, dioxins and heavy metals, continuous emission monitoring, indoor air monitoring, and analytical laboratory services.


Complying with air quality regulations is one of the key issues that small and  large firms face today.  As a leading Air Quality Services firm, our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has been the foundation of our success.   Staffed by professionals with diversified capabilities in engineering and the physical sciences, we have the expertise and resources to accomplish your goals ranging from meeting regulatory deadlines to anticipating future environmental programs.   Routinely conducting compliance emission test programs enables AirNova to provide the level of quality that surpasses the rigorous technical testing requirements of most regulatory agencies.

AirNova’s Air Emission Test Body (AETB) is compliant with ASTM Stanard D7036 and it’s laboratory is NELAP certified. Both meet TNI Standards.