Continuous Emission Monitoring

cemsAirNova, Inc. operates several Mobile Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) Laboratories providing on-site, real-time analysis for both source emission and ambient test programs. To ensure data quality and optimize data capture, these laboratories offer a wide variety of instrumentation housed in a controlled environment.

In line with these capabilities, AirNova also provides performance specification (PST) testing, relative accuracy test audits (RATA), and calibration gas audits (CGA) for CEM systems regulated by CFR Title 40 Part 60 and Part 75 standards.

AirNova’s specific CEM services include:

  • Mobile CEM Laboratories
  • Real Time Measurement of SO2, CO, NOx, THC/VOC, O2/CO2
  • CEM Certification and Auditing
  • On-Site Data Analysis
  • Simultaneous Multisource Monitoring
  • Part 75 Electronic Data Reporting