Specialized Stationary Source Sampling

longstckAirNova, Inc. routinely performs source test programs requiring specialized equipment, techniques and methodologies. Programs are conducted for evaluation or compliance on sources of extremely high temperature and pressure. Other programs involve determinations of complex organic species for which no sampling or analytical methodology is currently available.

AirNova, Inc. has both the ability and experience to design a successful testing program according to your specific needs.

 Some typical areas for which specialized programs have been developed include:

  • High Pressure/High Vacuum Sources
  • High Temperature Sources
  • Particulate Laden Gas Streams
  • Combustion Zone Analysis
  • Multi-Phase Streams
  • Explosive Gas Streams
  • Radiation Sources
  • Simultaneous Multisource Sampling
  • Pathogenic Organism Emissions
  • Silicon, Nickel and Mercury Speciation
  • Spiking Techniques to Determine Destruction Efficiencies
  • Developing sampling and analytical procedures for difficult compound categories such as glycol ethers and amines